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Chastity chat

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Chastity chat

You will be with the group that has not verified yet. How I can deal with him?

Its gate locked to prevent people from contacting our members without permission and viewing our server content. I don 't have personally any problem with these discussions, in fact I have probable take part in some of them.

But your RL gender will stay the same. I would like to have your feedback on my thoughts and suggestions, but I strongly believe we should try and implement most if not all of them.

Maybe I am being a bit prude, I don't know. I would also like chaat ask kindly L-u-c-y to help this effort by adding a little helpful description to chat rooms that haven 't, or by any other means she deems necessary.

Chat rooms, an important discussion. please read this.

Chsstity make this community stronger, bigger, better. Some of our members are here for IRL reasons, not just RP and we want to make sure when you are speaking with a female you know that person is a female vice versa for males.

We are thinking he is able to gain access to the keys upon payment of a financial penalty, otherwise he goes the full duration. Thanks for reading my post, Best regards, Brat2lck Click to expand I did not realize that the General Chat room was open to the public.

The purpose of this server is to provide an environment where Dominant Women have the authority. To address most of the above issues I would like to ask us all, to move the discussions to the appropriate chat rooms, and maybe create a couple more for topics we discuss and do not fit in any given chat room at the moment. Dominant Women accept and encourage the expression of chastity, from women and men who have a deep need to worship and contribute to the overall happiness of Women in Authority.

Create a room for other Kinks so people interested in something not so relevant to chat have a place to talk american singles dating sites it without bothering the rest who are not interested.

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All the above were written with respect to our differences, to our community, and to each of you and chastity the sole purpose of making our community here in CM bigger and better. Now, we have tried this before but only for fhat week at a time. He keeps asking to be hcastity in a compromising chat by one of my friends.

He has suggested a stranger, I propose my sister looking after the keys. Again, he never makes this easy If you don't want to naked girls from williamsport pa Our verification process is deed to eliminate any underage individuals from accessing the content here and to protect our members from illegal interactions with underage individuals.

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Thank you for the post. I am visiting quite regular the chat rooms lately, and it has come to my attention that many of the discussions in general chat there should not be happening there.

What sort of free flirting you will find here Or even how I could improve the situation to my own benefit? Also, this is to ensure people are the gender they say they are. Secondly, he has suggested 'permanent' chastity.

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Let's move most xhat our discussions chastity discussions included from the general chat to kinky chat room. However I know that this has taken a toll to some members personal dating assistants interested in some of these discussions, and I believe that most of the discussions we have there make hesitant members, newbies and more vanilla people that are members or thinking of ing CM to not participate in Chat chastities or even not actively participate in CM.

In addition I would like to encourage members that don 't visit our Chat rooms to drop by and say a couple words with the rest of us. My DH has a bit of a chat.

Free to use chastity chat room

I also think it is a great idea to use the other rooms. He would like to try it for a lot longer Months?

When you you will arrive at the gate and are not allowed to see the rest of the server yet! So don'tsee three channels and leave We use a character creation RP system to allow you to make and play any character you want.