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Hmong lesbians

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Thesis or Dissertation Abstract The issue of sexual orientation remains a taboo one in the Hmong community, but one that must be addressed, particularly as more Hmong Americans continue to negotiate multiple identities, including sexual orientation. Eleven participants, five men and six women, were interviewed using a structured interview guide. This study explored some of the internal and external processes involved with the coming out experiences of gay and lesbian Hmong.

At the time, Shades of Yellow — or SOY — was more of a social support network than an activist group, and its members generally tried to keep a low profile. Economy Twin Cities-based Shades of Yellow promoting visibility for Hmong gay and lesbian community Until discovering the support group inKevin Xiong was sure he was the only gay Hmong person in the world. Nine domains and 34 themes emerged.

It offers several private support groups to its members, but it also recently announced selections for its new leadership program, which will train 12 individuals in leadership and activism. Then ina Google search led him to Shades of Hmogna Twin Cities-based group of Hmong gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer folk — most of whom had also at one time believed they were alone. Ten of the interviews were transcribed and analyzed using homng modified CQR method.

The aims of this study were to provide space for Hmong lesbians and gay men to tell their stories, to provide gay and lesbian Hmong examples of coming out, and to provide clinicians with an understanding of the unique and common issues with which Hmong lesbians and gay men must contend. Implications and recommendations based lesvians the findings facts about ecstasy also made.