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Man2man meets man parrish

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Confused, I called my friend Michael Rudetsky who had worked all week with me and George on Marilyn's track. When Boy George at the height of his career came to my house in Brooklyn, my sister told everybody in school that he was coming. jeets

I actually got to perform twice at Studio 5. Loved it!! Punk Globe: How does it feel to be an NY music legend? A big Thank You to England's censor bureau for banning us.

Let me be brutally honest with you. I'd like to quote a line from the Pink Flamingos movie and Divine [who I was supposed to produce a record for, before she died]. I was basically one of the pparrish on stage when they had big operatic scenes.

I have a lot more dish but I'm going to put that in my book not reveal it here. In early"Male Stripper" charted again in the UK, msn this time the song became an even bigger hit, spending five weeks in the Top 10 and two weeks at No.

OMG I thought man2maj would be drawn and quartered for having my name associated with it. As far as still wanting to make people dance, I love doing dance music and remixes, and constantly keep myself fresh by still DJ-ing every week in clubs in New York City.

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Parrihs trying injecting crystal methamphetamine do it in small snippets that will make it easily digestible. I would want to have synthesizers and make my own music. I was born in Brooklyn New York and adopted, as my birthmother obviously spread her legs and couldn't keep me. I remember carrying him out into the side alleyway and calling for his limo to take them away.

Looking back, it's really funny to listen to now It was basically a nightmare to synchronize the different city vibe escorts patterns on various synthesizers and get them to record all in time to tape. Does the Queen Mother squat to pee? Films like Blade Runner, Batman, Schindler's List, and others where the music is a huge driving force in how you feel emotionally got me interested in film scoring.

I immediately said I wanted to re-mix it, without her asking. I saw David Bowie and Brian Eno introduce a new nan band called "Devo" for the first time, eyesore Bruce Springsteen get booed off the stage for doing an acoustic set.

Punk Globe: Which track are you most proud of and why? Punk Globe: Give us a snapshot of Klaus Nomi.

So on that level I cherish it. He told me he loved my synthesizer track and maybe we could work together.

It's no longer a death sentence. After studying film scoring I understand why he is now using orchestra. It was basically a talent show for all the local starlets and freaks. I'm particularly fond of 'Man Made' from my first album, It's a dark "Kraftwork-ish" type of track. How dare you!

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I got involved in the New York City "art" scene and hung out at art galleries, performance spaces and hipster downtown clubs. Who turned out to be a nightmare? Tell us man2maj it was! Punk Globe: How important is sex and sexuality in man2mqn creation of amazing club music? I was immediately scooped up by some flaming queen who happened to work lancaster ca escorts the infamous Continental baths in New York City where I would sneak in.

I would see legendary then unknown act Aerosmith, driving down from Man2mxn in their van, doing a show, and then hanging out side the club trying to get some "pussy". Later on when the rock 'n roll scene died, I became more involved in the dance music scene as that became more popular.

Give us a blow-by-blow of your adventures. Afterwards we were sitting in the dressing room.

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Those were the days of amazing clubs! She had black hair, hairy armpits, and a T-shirt that said 'I Madonna'. Now where the fuck is my lifetime achievement award?!? Were you seeking fame, glamor and sexy boys? Good stuff! I descended from the ceiling to a packed house of Hollywood and New York's Royality and stars.