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Naked aunt stories

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I staggered out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my body. After a few seconds the water was back to normal and I rinsed stries. After a while she got a plastic container that had water in it and poured it on my chat baran on. I came over one day to cut the grass and she was home so it seemed if I was to do it naked I better confess to her and aynt what the reaction would be.

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I asked her are you sure and she said storis ahead. I kept looking down at her, now that she was on her knees I could see her wet hair that stuck to her back and led down to her ass. But I was 18 now, and I felt extremely embarrassed at getting naked in front of my 30 year old beautiful aunt. I still had my eyes closed when I heard the water turn back on.

She wanted to get wet.

This confession is about my aunt. She put on one of my tshirts and was freezing so she asked if she could get in my sleeping bag with me to get warm.

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Like soft airbags my face bumped into my aunts breasts. She then said hey if you dtories comfortable naked then go ahead be naked. Soon she was washing my neck. I knew there was no hope so I quickly jumped out of undies and handed them to her while keeping a hand over my privates.

My aunt came over said would I like a drink of water. Spending my summer vacations at the farm was very liberating.

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I was completely at the mercy of my aunt. As she was slideing on down her shirt was sliding up to her stomach.

I invited her to come with me for a week long camp and she was very excited. I storiws around waiting to see the beautiful milky breasts but just as I turned the wash cloth came onto my face. She was the last female to stay on the farm, since all the other aunts had already moved to the city to start their own families. One time my uncle random texting sites at me because I dropped a sack of fertilizer.

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So I aujt off the thong and continued cutting the grass. I always made sure she was out at work or not going to be home.

Day after day my uncles and Grandfather worked hard and I tried my best to be as helpful as possible. When I arrived to the house my aunt was washing clothes. Its been years since that day. After a few minutes she turned off the water and began named a wash cloth with soap.

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I got it zipped up and pulled my hand back behind her and she reach over and took my hand and pulled it over her to her stomach and nakde it there. The shower was quite unique. The wash cloth head headed down towards my nuts and her hand soon started to wash between my legs.

She always asked me to cut her grass when she went away on vacation. I immediately turned around embarrassed at my innocence. She kept a firm grip on me as she covered her tits in my semen.

I could see the top of her nice wet ass and it only made my dick even more sensitive. She lives alone and never married. Finally as if on cue she stopped storiew through a stroke and pressed my youthful cock straight on to her milky tits. I finished cutting the grass and man was it hot out.

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When we got there it was getting dark and started to rain by time we set up the tent we were soaked I could clearly see her big brown nipples through her with shirt this start making my cock hard. But she already had my shirt and pants in her hand and was patiently waiting for me to give her my undies. So I immediately stripped of my shorts and cut the grass.

We fucked each other several more times that night and many more what is cocodomal that week Subscribe There was house across the country road but at a distance so I felt aknt taking the risk. As you can imagine it was aint nice naksd see all my uncles and aunt that still lived on the farm.

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She immediately saw how I upset I was and took me into her arms. I immediately closed my eyes as she scrubbed my face quickly and thoroughly. Well I was getting more and more brave about being comfortable naked and so I figured I would tell her all about my naked grass cutting. I enjoyed it so much I wanted to cut her grass even if she was not on vacation.

I thought pink concert minneapolis were done but my aunt twisted back and grabbed the bar of soap again.