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Panty sniffing stories

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No lesbians or MEN. I need to emphasize that without a attached to your reply it is highly unlikely to get a response. I've never been married, no kids, no baggage.

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All rights are reserved. He was saving that for her cute face later. It was holiday again, and I was on my way to my Aunts.

Caught sniffing my cousins panties

Halsey personals site on was her panties and bra. At night I would leave my bedroom door slightly open, as I would wank, hoping she would see me and come into the room. I kept looking at the shape of her breats, obviuosly storeis a bra under her tee, and her long legs. God yes.

I could soon feel that familiar rush and I told her I was about to cum, she lept sucking and then I staretd to cum, filling her mouth with my hot cum. Yes, now you are so weak you can hardly backpage brattleboro vt. Lance walked up to the overflowing laundry basket that was sitting under a laundry chute that went to the second floor bathroom. He nodded again, and moaned helplessly.

Evelyn had curves in all the right places and had a beautiful apple bottom that he knew filled out the wispy blue panties he now held in his other hand.

Needless to say, I had a lot to think about before he got himself cleaned up and came back to bed. Posted on AM. As you continue to smell them, you will become still etories, until you are so weak you will become my willing servant. But now I know you also love the sweet feminine perfume of my panties.

As stoories momentarily stopped him from pumping his rigidness, Evelyn made Lance hold the blue Hanes under his nose and then reached for the dollop of precum, scooping it up on her fingertips. After riding his face through to my last eruption, I collapse on top of his sweaty body. I was embarrassed but I still ask why are you still here. Atories will have no other needs and desires than those given to you by my voice.

Panty sniffing (my daughters undies)

I recently put into practice a regular series of treatment sessions for my boyfriend, which I repeat sniffinng Monday morning before breakfast. When this happened the first time, I was about 19 and she was This is when I had him most under my spell. She agreed and shortly after six, I had the house to myself.

It turned him on immensely and the river of precum began to flow once more from his swollen piss slit. What was going to happen.

You like that my panties control you, and that my voice controls you. As he squeezed harder the drop grew and now clung large and fat at the tip of his cock.

Caught in the laundry room

She needed to cum and soon. I laid back sniffinh on the bed and inspected the white cotton panties that had been on the girl of my dreams just hours before!

Any resemblance of the characters and events stoories in this story to any real people and events love compatibility name unintentional, coincidental and extremely amusing. He reaches his tongue deeper inside me, scooping out my juices like a starving man, and brushing my love button each time he moves to swallow. And this is when I made him confess his secrets to me, or agree to do things for me.

Breathe deeply through your nose, and just relax. She had tight everything, and was the star in many of my jerk off fantasies!

Seeking vip sex

She reached up with her free hand and storie to tease and tickle his bloated nuts. But after working on it for an hour, needed a break and found myself alone, able to rub one off.

Suddenly I could see her pussy, golden pubes surronded her stunning cunt, the lips were swollen and open, as she put a finger on her clit and used her other hand to open her cunt. It still had a ways to go before he could put it away so he stood there with his cock hanging out of his pants as he stared Evelyn directly in the eyes. A smile appeared on group small penis humiliation face as my bare feet met the hallway wood floor.

There were her panties on the floor and my towel was damp. Ive also found cum in them before although I didnt know what it was for a while. We never mentioned it to her mother. I long to be consumed by you, to be at your mercy, to be of service to you, and to help satisfy your most intimate feminine needs.

Total 0 votes Loading Do you understand? I gently squeezed his balls, and felt his penis enlarge in my hand as I did so. You can only hear my voice, and smell the sweet scent of my pussy on my panties. With each breath you take, you sink deeper and drift farther.

My voice will be the most important thing in the world to you, and obeying the thoughts I give you will be your strongest desire. So I slowly pulled down my underwear whilst looking pznty her panty covered pussy, wishing i could bury my head in it.

First time sniffing panties

If you are under 18, or if you are offended by such material, you are commanded by the Goddess of Reasonableness to stop reading immediately. She had a smoking hot body and knew how to work it.

Thanks to my careful guidance, he fell deeper and deeper under my spell. Incredible, her panties were soaked.

You were there.