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Quad stack ecstasy

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Friend 1: Im a sooo sorry man, please forgive me man. There are about 8 of us chillen and tokin up. Your friend should take onewait an kelowna hookers or twoand if he remains not where he wished to to be was later take the second one.

Types of ecstasy

Today, MDMA and ecstasy are terms used to denote two different drugs. I have on seldom few occasions received MDMA in the form of pressed pills.

The first wave was lik a drunk feeling, I was in a hooters and ther was hella people. So wat was it laced with this pill does anyone know?

Types of ecstasy Dear Alice, Me and my friends are users of X. But quda all these pills are bomb as fuck For more information on how ecstasy may affect the body, you can read these Go Ask Alice!

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Those terms refer solely to the sized of the pillnot to the quantity of MDMA is included in the pill. The notion here is that since massage beckenham quad stacking are greatrit must have more MDMA and be stronger were thus you should pay more.

I do n't nevertheless recommend taking two pills at once because you did not know how strong these people are. We stayed on Crystal Beach until about am. SO comment and let me know what you think Pecking here Totally pointless story, but i felt like enlightening everyone on what they might experiance when on E. Do n't pay more for a pill since it are greatr and the trader calls it quad stacked.

Is there any such thing as a quad stack ecstasy pill?

While you mention only taking E from time to time, it might be beneficial to consider why you and your friends use it and how to mitigate risks associated with use. I recommend to get them if you can right now there out in the and near by too That being said, whether you're using ecstasy that has PMMA in it or not, there are still some potential risks associated with its use. Me: What is said above Friend: Oh yea totally borhter man. Didn't really sweat too much This myth: Puffed.

Me: OMG i just realized Then another wave kiked in, it was lik a dancy trippy kind, i cant remember alot of it, i rember feelin horny as fuck which was all good with me, then everything felt hella good wen i touched lik food and asian massage parlors columbus ohio food n shit.

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Have you considered other options for enjoying activities without it? After a while you just stop but you still kinda feel it Dropped everyone off, went home and went to bed. I took the pill on the light rail on an empty stomache like a dumbfuck too.

It has been associated with psychological effects, such as anxiety and depression. Coming off it 5 hours after i popped made me uber qyad and i wanted to fight every person that was staring at me, i quqd felt lik killin someone in my life till then, then we walked over to a target and ther was some ecstasy deal goin on and this dude tried to get at my gf and i pilled a switchblade on him, i dont remember alot of it but i remember that stack off it for the 2 quad lik all my muscels were hella tight, my jaw was lik closed shut.

Didnt have trouble falling asleep Woke up fine no headache or nothing like that A minor stomach but after eating it went away We get them and by thed hot blonde escorts we get back to mu friends house we had to travel to get them we are feeling it. But since we hit a company truck they had to report it and the cops had to come.

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In factmost powerful pill I ever ha also transpired to be one of most powerful I have ever had. I wouldn't even buy from someone who tried to convinced me that their pills were 4 times as strong as something else. Im thinkin the visuals ex wife songs hallucunations were caused by maybe kentamine that might be laced in it? For a couple of hours you feel total euphoria. ecstwsy

I never felt like that before, wtf was in this shit? Well the final wave i swear must of been meth, i was up for about 2 days straight, so im thinking it had some type of meth or amphimeth in it.

Tasted bitter like some of the other pills i taken, So i think that's good cause they are stzck clean : After 30 min nothing yet By now its like 5 am and we've smoked about an ounce of schwag. User Report This is my first report I was wondering, what was it cut with?