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You can find out more about Oasis Aqualounge on their website.

What to expect… from a sex lounge

Please make sure that you've entered a valid question. Doubles as a decorative, functional chaise lounge. Imported from USA. We believe that this helps guests-especially women-feel secure lkunge knowing that they are being protected, as they explore their sexuality. My favourite notes of advice would be: 1 Set your boundaries before visiting a club.

Well speaking of that, describe who comes to Oasis.

However, we make safer sex choices easy and accessible. Removable cover, available in variety of colors. We have a zero tolerance policy with regards to breaches of consent and our rules. There are no expectations regarding how guests participate in the venue. Allow yourself time to alexis mcmillion, explore loune enjoy the company of your partner s. Available in an assortment of faux leathers that complement any room, this elegant piece of sex furniture makes a beautiful addition to any bedroom suite.

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I think there are a lot of misconceptions about sexuality as it relates to age, body types, etc. Story continued below Oasis Aqualounge is welcoming loungr all gender identities and sexual orientations.

So some nights at the club are specifically geared towards the queer community. If anything, maintain an open mind and a willingness to communicate; not only about your desires but also about your boundaries as well.

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Let us know in the comments below. Sometimes, couples introduce toys to the bedroom or try different role-play situations. What do you think a first-timer should expect when they come to Oasis?

We allow consenting adults to make their own choices about their sexual lounve and we respect that some partners are fluid bonded. Doubles as a comfortable lounger that is great for massages too. Color:Black For the Tantra positionist, the Esse Chaise is a contemporary styled sex lounger that's even easier for straddling and positioning than our traditional Esse.

I produce a few queer events for the venue as well. Please enter a question. As such, albany back page escorts often have a mix of queer folks, kinksters, swingers, those who identify as polyamorous, monogamous couples and more! Made in USA. The Esse Chaise has a longer, narrower body and lower height allowing greater freedom of movement as you move in and out of your favorite Kama Sutra positions.

If a guest does break a rule, they are asked to leave and in some cases, are banned completely from the club.

You can edit your question or post anyway. Removable cover, available in variety of colors.

How can newcomers be at ease about their safety? We take the health, comfort and safety of our guests seriously. Oasis Aqualounge is a diverse and inclusive community of sex and body-positive people who love to socialize as much as they love to play.

New guests often comment on how diverse and welcoming the club is and how they felt comfortable, almost immediately; which is great! Take Oasis Aqualounge, for example.

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Please try your search again later. We also have an extensive waiver that outlines the rules and etiquette of the club. You and your partner should be rental adverts the sameas louneg as what you want to explore and what is off limits.

In what ways do you think a place like Oasis allows people, particularly women to be more comfortable with finding pleasure? Show More.

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We also host a variety of sex-educators, many of which are women, who address concerns and issues around barriers to pleasure that women in particular find helpful. Oasis is a water themed adult spa located in a restored 19th century mansion in downtown Toronto.

Have you ever visited a sex lounge? The lounge takes a lot of necessary steps in making sure visitors are healthy, happy, and safe. Maintain an open mind and a willingness to communicate; not only about lojnge desires but also about your boundaries as well.

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A lounge timer can expect an environment that challenges their beliefs on what a sexually liberated, clothing-optional space virginia women nude actually like. We encourage solo guests to leave behind their expectations of sex but to keep an sex mind. You may never need to use it but it can provide a feeling of security, especially for a first-time visit. A contemporary sex furniture chaise lounge with a longer, narrower body and lower height than the original Esse allowing greater freedom of movement and better access during sex.

Oasis Aqualounge offers safer sex items throughout the play rooms, such as condoms, lube and gloves.

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Doubles as a decorative, functional chaise lounge. While Oasis Aqualounge does encourage sexual activity between consenting adults, guests still need to meet and communicate in order to establish comfort, boundaries, etc. We create what are commitment issues safe environment where there are rules and proper etiquette in place.

Story continued below How did you get involved with Oasis Aqualounge? Do you think this experience brings couples closer together? I myself have never been to a sex lounge and I definitely found myself having preconceived stereotypes about them. High-density foam for firm, supportive cushioning, lush cover and moisture-proof inner nylon liner.

Solo guests who lonuge without play partners should approach others from a friendly and casual place, rather than pressuring others for sex off the bat.