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Sex slave application

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Applicayion tend to look on the brighter side of things and look for the good in people instead of seeing the bad :) What I am looking for: I swinging wives tumblr looking for someone to come home to after a long day at work, with whom I can just relax with and forget about the bad things that may have happened that day.

Age: 22
Relationship Status: Not married
Seeking: Wants For A Man
City: Dundas, Skagway, Cuyahoga County Airport
Relation Type: Sexy Moms Wanting Seeking Cock

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Last things

I get a lot of applications and I can only handle a few. Underwear only or less.

They simply offer a guide. Note: Limits mentioned here are not set in stone.

None Is there anything on my list you would like to add as a hard limit for you? What is it that led you to want ME as your Master?

a photograph of you shirtless from the waist up. Bring it on! Blackmail Hard Limit Permanent--includes needle, blood, permanent marking, etc. Humiliation and Degradation: 1 Hard limit: I would not like there to be any sort of degrading treatment or punishment as part of play 2 I am not particularly interested in this area, but would tolerate its use in private situations as a punishment 3 I would like to experiment more with this area ina private setting, with certain limits 4 I like humiliation in a private setting, and I would like this to be a part of our play 5 I like humiliation in a private setting, and would like to experiment with mild public humiliation.

I am looking sex contacts

This can include issues due to not living alone, allergies, medical conditions e. I would like this to be a major part of our relationship. If your application is successful, I will offer you a more detailed list to complete. Do you have any specific hard limits?

However, I would not object to a little experimentation, or its use as a punishment. What things make you think that we "fit?

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List anything in your likes that was not covered above. This list is not exhaustive, and is simply deed to give me an idea of what you are seeking from me. I will not share any pics with anyone for any reason without your express conscent.

Do you have any issues which may restrict certain areas of play? This can, however, be through alternative mediums.

These following questions allow me to learn more about you, but many are optional.

This is probably your most important question. a Photo a File Cancel of If you are not able to a photo at this time for whatever reason, please offer an explanation in this section.

If you want to ensure that I do not have an issue with a photograph, hold up a on a piece of paper save your getdare user name written upon it. It helps me verify you are the person you have described above. Smart Phone iPhone, Blackberry e.

Chastity 1 Hard Limit: I like being in control of my own pleasure and I will not give up such a right. Public restrooms are popular Outside late at night Outside in a public place ANY public is a limit for me. However, at some point you WILL need to verify your identity before play commences.