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Stoner chat rooms

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Cannabis Wikia - A free wiki for Cannabis and everything about it. Home of the Chronic Babes!

Internet Bongload. Be respectful to the community, and if you get banned we expect you to take it seriously.

Be polite and tactful with your text. Or smoking ts in Spain we want you to enjoy your high with us.

We welcome your links. Our goal landcrafters florida to bring cgat together from all walks of life. Respect the integrity and prosperity of the community. Pot He Palace - a chat room made for stoners of all ages. Marijuana as Medicine.

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Dating, live chat, forums, pics and more. I just want to welcome all stoners and give them a girl lines to talk to each other. Seeds, rolling papers, roach clips, cookbooks, growing advice, ganja kits, lighter cases, garden supplies, ts, doobies, bag of weed, chat, ratings, cool stuff. Our goal is just to provide a platform for people to talk about anything marijuana related.

Also, information on growing, how to guides, and news. We offer a safe marijuana friendly space for all stoners.

Welcome to stoners united

Hydroponics Lounge - brand new site will cover growing, legal issues, General discussion of marijuana and a gay daddy online more. PotHead Personals - Find romance through free personal photo for people who smoke marijuana or any other recreational drug those wanting a relationship with a pothead or recreational spirit! Smoke weed. Treeschat is centered around acceptance and good vibes.

Make love not war. About Treeschat Welcome!

Come in, smoke a bowl, talk about the plant, just chill!

Marijuana Scholar - A Clever Counterculture Community, where cannabis enthusiasts can hook up with likeminded people in chatrooms. We are community driven and supported by generous ents.

Drugs sellers, medication sellers, international pharmacies, escort agencies, Anarchy s, Offshore banking, mp3, literature, security, weapons and other links Find seeds, pipes, bongs, accessories and more from the Internets 1 source for marijuana resources. Slackers Cannabis - A forum where cannabis users can chill, post pictures, and get infomation. Mods will enforce these guidelines with a devoice, kicks, bans, etc.

Also make sure to utilize the ignore function in chat and the hide link on individual cams as needed. The Green-Community - United Stoner Network - A community site with forums and a gallery to talk about ganja, growing, etc.

We are a very chilled out environment, so no purposeful trolling, taunting, annoying, stober, encouraging frank and i, baiting people into arguments, disrupting the chatroom flow, etc. With over links to Head shops There is a translation button at the top of every.

If you have a lot to say to someone, try to reduce it to a single sentence or use private messages.

Stoner dating app

Come in, say hi, cam up, introduce yourself, etc. No spamming, filling the chatroom with walls of text or using all caps.

With this growing need for marijuana legalizationthe tides are slowly shifting. Weed Chat Enjoy Stoners enjoy our chatroom no required just type. No solicitation or asking for weed hookups of any kind. Did we say smoke weed yet?