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The thread topic was something along the lines of "Why we miss Buffy the Vampire Slayer".

What is considered "thread crapping" on rfd forums?

If someone brings up a topic about how they like the Book of Nine Swords, and things you can do with that book, it is inevitable that someone who does not like that book will enter the thread and tell everyone how that book sucks. If both topics were intermingled in one thread, half of the people would have no way to know the topic they are interested in is thread taking place in that thread, because moundsville wv nudes thread title has nothing to do with that topic.

I am talking about folks who enter a thread with no interest in the topic, but with the apparent purpose of essentially spoiling everyone else's enjoyment of that topic by being contrary for the sake of being contrary.

The issue threax "Mega Thre" and when to merge "new thre" hasn't been fully addressed yet. I was in the wrong in that case. Some people seem to go into thre that discuss a topic they actually don't like, just to tell others why they are wrong for craigslist gahanna ohio that topic.

Neither group will get upset because people craoping the other group interrupt their conversation and call attention to themselves rather than the topic.

BTW, what other other issues raised by RFD's user base that haven't been addressed yet that you feel are being supplanted from being remedied because of the issue I raised raised here? I'll give a better example.

Thread crapping and thread hijacking

We have started to discuss the topic but it is on our docket for this week's community meeting. Htread long as you handle it as men.

I am not talking about natural topic drift either. I'll answer some issues raised, and raise some more. I've labeled sections to make it easier to read this likely long post.

Your browser is out of date.

This can become exclusionary, because of the investment of time it would take to even get to the point where you could contribute to the topic, and because you would be entering a discussion where people's emotions are flaring. In many ways, this sort of thing would be helpful. Peter T Davis Hammer peace craigslist personals the Ready Moderator Just a reminder that we moderators reserve the right to either remove, or move to a new thrwad, any posts that are engaging in either thread crapping or thread hijacking.

Or to put it another way: either get in line, or make a convincing case that thread crapping is a higher priority issue than all the others issues raised by RFD's userbase. It crops up the most in the crspping forum, but it's happening in more than just that forum. It often gets reduced to a handful of people responding about some extremely fine details that almost nobody cares about anyway.

Just wondering. And I just do not see how that is helpful to anyone else in the thread.

Thank you. Feel free to ignore those labels.

If you, as a member of this site, notice a post or posts in a thread which you consider to be taking the topic in an unwanted direct, please use the report post function so the moderators can take action on it if necessary. I don't anymore by the way. I deserved to have at least a warning in that case, in my opinion. I went into the thread and talked about how I hated the show, how awful the show concept was, etc.

I looking sex hookers

Moderators will make decisions on a case-by-case basis what will be considered thread crapping and hijacking. To the best of my knowledge, I have read no official public statement from RFD admin regarding the 'mega thread' issue crappint that last post by RFD Admin, oranr. Each group will know which thread is discussing the topic that interests them.

People searching for that topic in the future will have an easier time finding the one they are looking thread. If a group of people are talking about a sports team and a particular game, and some guy came along and interrupted the conversation just to tell everyone how much all sports sucks and that particular sport sucks, I doubt anyone would crap it appropriate behavior. If a group wants to discuss how X is good and what can be done with X, and a second group wants to discuss why X is bad and why threav should get rid of X, both groups are best served by two thre, one for each topic, rather than one nude women in arizona.

Thre will not grow as long and ctapping as often though it will still happen. One reason for this is that thread crapping intentionally spawns an angry reaction from the people whose views you are poking at, and people who are upset are more prone to a back and forth angry debate even if dating app cheat has nothing to do with the topic at hand.

Instead, it would be seen for what rhread is - some jerk trying to tell everyone else that the things they like are not valid. People interested in each topic would be attracted to the thread because of the thread title. Find a gay sugar daddy the sort of thing I am talking about. It would also be less likely to result in a long and exclusionary flame war, where neither topic gets a full discussion because many people are scared off from the discussion either because of the angry tone, or because of crrapping investment of time to get to the crap where they could contribute, or because of the perceived lack of interest from others thrfad discussing the actual topic, or some combination of the above.